The ABSOLUTE best time to start meditation

Many of my clients come to me asking to help them schedule meditation into their day. While everyone's schedule and preferences are different, there is nothing like allowing meditation to serve as the first step into your day. 

Before email, before texts, before kids, spouses, and calendars comes "M time". For some, M time can be translated as "my time" and other it is "meditation time". Regardless, setting your alarm for 30 minutes before your household is set a blaze with energy, noises, and daily todos will changed you day and subsequently your life.

Imagine it with me, it's 6am. You've slept a full 8-10 hours because you prioritized your bed time last night. You wake up a little groggy as usual but well rested. The temperature is comfortable. Raising your arms above your head while attempting to stretch your feet past the end of your bed seems to wring out all of the tension from the previous day. Before picking up your phone, before distracting your mind, you grab the list on your nightstand. It reads 1) gratitude 2) meditation. You thank the divine for your arms, your legs, your job, your spouse, your kids, or your life. Any one of those will do. You sit up, close your, allow the blanket of gratitude to cover your skin. It glows, it warms. You adjust your pillow behind your back and in the most comfortable place in the house, you begin to not only relax your body, but your mind. You turn on your meditation and you fully give yourself permission to be here and only here right now.

In the morning, you don't have to convince yourself that there is no where else to be because there actually isn't much else you could be doing. Target isn't even open yet and that is life! lol In the morning, the mom guilt, the woman guilt, the human guilt has no place because everyone is at rest. Of course we all aspire to be able to meditate in a hurricane, but until then, allow yourself some grace. Make the practice easy on yourself. You deserve it.

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