Grounding Meditation (Written)

Grounding Meditation (Written)

“Safety is no the absence of threat, it’s the presence of connection”
– Gabor Mate


Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Become aware of your breath and your body. Release all tension. Breathe into densities. Apply acceptance and detachment to your thoughts.


Visualize roots, like the roots of a tree, growing down from your tailbone into the earth…

See them growing down through the layers of the earth arriving at the earth’s center of hot magma.


Invite the red, glowing light to swirl upwards through the roots and into your root chakra.

Sit with the red glowing light as the base of your groin.

Allow it to cleanse and to balance.


Send a radiant white light of your own energy down into the earth

Through that portal release everything you are holding on to

Release everything that no longer serves you

What you needed in the past does not always serve you in the present

Feel free to release to the earth

The earth receives all energy as neutral


After taking a few minutes basking in the exchange of energy with source,

Receive your energy back through the portal

Return the earth energy back to source

Say to yourself "I am Stable, I am Safe, I am Worthy"


Drop your awareness back into your body

Float open your eyes

Bow to yourself and to the Divine 

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